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   Rent The World helps property owners to benefit from the profit potential of their homes. Getting additional income from your property by renting it out is the easiest way you can achieve this.

   The Market of Short-term holiday rentals can offer an amazing opportunity to earn much more out of your property. By deciding to list your house or flat with Rent The World LLP you have to expect a considerable growth of your monthly rental incomes.







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1. We master short term rentals market

Rent The World has mastered short let rentals market, where a landlords or homeowners can rent out their properties for the period starting from few days to a few weeks or even months. The high demand for short let rentals on the market and great comprehensive property management services which Rent The World offers can help you increase your monthly cash flow only by getting your flat listed with us.


2. Reach MORE customers

Thanks to our sophisticated distribution channels and partnerships all over the world, we are able to market your property to a far greater audience than a regular agent can.


3. We speak the languages of the world

By having your property managed by Rent The World, you will benefit not only from the professionalism of our agents but also from the fact that your property description will be translated into several languages. In addition to English, we will market your property in Spanish, French, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian and other languages as well.


4. Price optimization

Another pretty important thing that will make your property management experience with us easier is that we have a specialist sales team of over 50 people who are dedicated to converting each client inquiry or request into a real booking! We guarantee you a constant number of real bookings. Furthermore, our sales team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so our customer service department can handles live chat, e-mail requests and phone requests straight away, so you won’t have to provide late night services to clients on the other side of the globe.


5. Online property management

We also provide powerful and convenient online database access – VIARESA that allows you to be constantly updated on your property’s status, manage your property pictures and inventory, control the calendar/availability, manage financial aspects, policies, promotional materials, have access to an instant messaging system, and reach numerous web sites and distribution channels worldwide.

6. Free consultation and advice


We know that you need to know exactly what you are getting when you decide to use Rent The World. That is why our regional property manager will assess your property, suggest improvements, and form an annual financial plan for incomes and costs. The agent will explain you how and the reason why you will get more bookings and how to secure your property safety.


7. Personalized Monthly Financial Audit

Rent The World will pay you monthly in order to ensure a regular cash flow. We will also contract your property under a special insurance contract which is tailored for the needs of short term rental properties. Your property will be fully covered, as well as the tenant.


8. Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Rent The World manages its own chain of cleaning and inventory companies, so we can ensure that your property is professionally cleaned and maintained after every check out. We also carry out regular inspections and evaluations.


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