London Olympics 2012


List Your Flat = Make More Profit


The 2012 London Olympics will be the biggest sporting event of the year, and we believe this is the perfect opportunity for us to show impeccable customer service via our London 2012 accommodations options.

Rent The World has launched this product, because finding holiday apartments in London for the Olympic Games is going to be a difficult task especially having in mind the huge interest which Olympics 2012 provoke worldwide. We believe that great customer service can be matched with competitive prices in the tourism industry in order to be offered the perfect balance between quality and price.

Short-term holidays rentals offer a surprising opportunity to make more out of your investment property or home. When you decide to list your house for the Olympics 2012 or any other event or for business travelers, you can expect rental prices to be similar to this:

1 bedroom property at the price of ~ £1, 480 per week*
2 bedroom property at the price of ~ £1, 980 per week*
3 bedroom property at the price of ~ £2, 580 per week*
4 bedroom property at the price of ~ £3, 190 per week*

*APPROXIMATE RATES – Depending on Location, Transport connection, Property size, Available beds, Furniture, Amenities, etc.

The key to making more money with short-lets than with long term rent is to keep the property as occupied as possible. Short term rental properties can go for as much as 50%-200% or more during peak holiday travel times and when demand is high for festivals, conventions, and cultural events.. but this doesn’t do you any good if the property is left vacant for long periods of time during the “off-season.”




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