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VIVARESA1.0 – by Rent The World LLP


We know how important is to manage your property and all the little details that are part of that process. Out innovative IT solution – VIVARESA, is a quick and easy to use software program where you will be able to manage everything by your own: from property maintenance, cleaning schedules to calendar availability. By the time we created and developed VIVARESA we were inspired by the idea of helping people and make property management as simple as it could be. Letting out your property and managing everything related with that process never been that easy as VIVARESA’s user-friendly interface and structure are the key to your success.

VIVARESA administration panel


Unique Solutions for:


1. Private Landlords

2. Rental Agencies

3. Property Owners

4. Real Estate Agencies

5. Letting Agencies


VIVARESA Benefits:


1. Unique Online Bookings Management

2. Unique Access to your Portfolio of Properties

3. XML Integration

5. Full IT Support

6. Online Booking Confirmations

7. Complete Database and Statistics access

8. Calendar and Availability Management

9. Rates, Description, Amenities and T&C in one click

10. Full Property Management





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